Audiology and Hearing Aids

Audiology and Hearing Aids

Diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss involves testing to determine the type of hearing loss and using that information to make recommendations about appropriate treatment. In many cases, hearing aids can be used to restore lost hearing and improve quality of life. Our audiologists and physicians work as a team to provide the best recommendations regarding hearing aids and their potential benefit as well as to treat medical conditions that may be contributing to hearing loss. We have a large selection of hearing aids of various technologies and styles to provide individualized solutions for each patient.


I Don't Hear Well. What Should I Do? What Should I Expect?

Because some hearing problems can be medically corrected, first visit a physician who can refer you to an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat specialist ). If you have ear pain, drainage, excess earwax, hearing loss in only one ear, sudden or rapidly progressive hearing loss, or dizziness, it is especially important that you see an otolaryngologist. Then, get a hearing assessment from an audiologist (a nonphysician health care professional). A screening test from a hearing aid dealer may not be adequate. Many otolaryngologists have an audiologist associate in their office who will assess your ability to hear pure tone sounds and to understand words. The results of these tests will show the degree of hearing loss and whether it is conductive or sensorineural and may give other medical information about your ears and your health. Read entire article.

 Hearing Aid Services

Eastside ENT Specialists offer a full array of hearing diagnostic services and hearing aid types. This includes the new digital and programmable aids, as well as traditional hearing aids priced most affordably. Our well-trained audiologists are:

Audiology Special Tests

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