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Your licensed audiologist at Eastside ENT Specialists will help you to choose the best hearing aid that meets your needs and boosts your quality of life through improved hearing. We only carry products from market-leading reputable manufacturers such as hearing aids from Phonak, Resound, Oticon, and Starkey. Across our range we will find the best hearing aid for you. Hearing aids are no longer all the same. When choosing a hearing aid, you need to ensure that it is appropriate for addressing your level of hearing loss. It is also important to compare features amongst hearing aids to make sure that your hearing aids integrate with your lifestyle. By reviewing the options, you can be sure that your hearing aids will as you want it to across various environments such as work, home, social gatherings, family events and other activities to bring you crystal clear sound and filter out distracting extraneous noise. All our hearing aids have the latest technology, are reliable, discreet and comfortable to use. There are two main functional types of hearing aid commonly available: those that are worn behind the ear and those that are fitted within the ear canal. It is useful to run through a comparison of these.

Behind the Ear

Two design options are available. The first is a self-contained unit comprising battery, microphone, amplifier and receiver/speaker that is worn over the ear. Amplified sound is carried into your ear canal through a small tube passing through a mold. The device is known as a BTE (behind-the-ear) unit. The second design type of hearing aid (RIC: Receiver in the canal) is also worn behind the ear but is connected by a thin wire to the speaker portion which sits in your ear via a rubber dome or custom-made mold. Traditionally, RIC hearing aids are smaller and more discreet than standard BTE hearing aids.
  • BTE units are easy to fit, easy to use and comfortable to wear. They offer higher amplification for people with more severe levels of hearing loss. Ear molds are custom made to fit your ear while allowing for some natural sounds to enter as well.
  • The RIC hearing aid is designed for various levels of hearing loss. Your audiologist will help determine if you would benefit most from a rubber dome ending or a custom designed mold. RIC hearing aids are easy to manage and very inconspicuous to the casual observer.
Both BTE and RIC hearing aids are available in a variety of colors.

Inside the Ear

There are four main types of hearing aid designed to fit directly within the ear itself. They are similar in many ways but offer some differentiating features that are worthy of comparison to ensure that you pick the right type for you.
  • ITE (In-the-Ear) devices sit inside the ear, filling up the majority of the bowl of your ear, and are the largest of the options available. The size of the unit allows for higher levels of amplification and the inclusion of telecoil hearing loop circuitry. The ITE hearing aid is well suited to people with severe hearing loss or for those who have poor dexterity.
  • ITC (In-the-Canal) hearing aids, as their name suggests, fit more so in the canal and does not fill up as much of the bowl of your ear as the ITE style. They are therefore smaller in size but less appropriate for those with a severe hearing impairment.
  • CIC (Completely-in-Canal) hearing aids are exceptionally small and offer a practical and unobtrusive hearing solution to those with mild or moderate hearing loss.
  • IIC (Invisible-in-Canal) units fit deep within the ear canal and are invisible to others, offering the most discreet solution for people with a mild or moderate level of hearing loss.
Advances in electronics and miniaturization have brought new sound processing strategies and features into hearing aid design over recent years. At Eastside ENT Specialists we offer a comparison of leading brands to help you choose the hearing aid with the best range of features for your everyday needs. Here are just a few of the features to check out:

Manual controls

All the hearing aids that we carry feature easy-to-use controls. Alongside standard volume adjustment, look out for other features such as program selection options, allowing fast and simple switching through a range of presets. These can be used to adjust additional features to provide the clearest sound that is best suited to your environment. Additionally, with new technology, options like these can also be done automatically if you so choose.

Bluetooth Accessories

All hearing aids have the capability to connect to phone/tablet/tv with the use of additional accessories for audio streaming using bluetooth.

iPhone/Android connectivity

We also offer hearing aids that connect directly with iPhone/Android phones/tablets for streaming without an additional device.

Adaptive adjustment features

Hearing aids are much more than a general amplifier. The modern hearing aid uses complex electronic circuitry to automatically adapt to changes in the environment, bringing you the best possible sound quality, while limiting interfering background noise. Hearing aids are constantly listening to your environment and then change accordingly to bring you ultimate clarity while suppressing unwanted sounds. This is done using features including:
  • noise cancellation - background noise is electronically filtered out to bring clarity to speech in noisier environments;
  • feedback management – minimizing the irritation of squealing coming from the hearing aids;
  • echo management – reducing the effect of sound reverberating off the walls/ceiling in rooms with high ceiling or poor acoustics;
  • telecoil functionality – allowing connection to induction loops for clear reception in situations such as lectures, church services, public meetings and theater/cinema;
  • directionality – dual-mic technology automatically monitors sounds from in front and behind the user to prioritize the signal entering the hearing aids. Hearing aids constantly exchange information back and forth to provide accurate and precisely-timed sound processing to best suit your exact environment.
  • tinnitus relief – many hearing aids available can be customized by Eastside ENT Specialists to reduce the discomfort of persistent sounds experienced by tinnitus sufferers. Integrated sound generators are used to help provide relief by producing prescribed therapeutic masking to cover bothersome tinnitus.

General Amplifiers Vs. Hearing Aids

General amplifiers, available over the counter, simply make everything louder. They take the input signal, or noise, and amplify it equally across all frequencies. Very rarely do people have a hearing loss in which each pitch is affected equally. Hearing aids are specifically designed to amplify sound only where necessary based on your hearing prescription. They are fine-tuned to your specific hearing loss to ensure sounds are being amplified in a safe, yet effective manner that is specific to your hearing prescription. In addition, hearing aids have a much higher level of technology and sound processing strategies built in to make conversation sound more natural and help reduce background noise and other interfering sounds that are found in difficult listening environments. Hearing aids also have other features available including rechargeable batteries, iPhone compatibility, and Bluetooth capabilities to be used with other Bluetooth accessories for use with TV, phone, and other devices. We carry a variety of reliable hearing aids from reputable manufacturers at Eastside ENT. Specialists and will help you find the one best suited to your needs.

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