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Hearing Aid Near Me

If you do an online search for "hearing aids near me," and you live near Willoughby, Painesville, or Madison, OH, choose Eastside ENT Specialists Inc. We'll get you fitted with a set of hearing aids that will change your life. Our audiologists are among the best in the region, and we can give you your hearing back.

Do Hearing Aids Really Work?

Hearing aids really do work. Hearing aids help people with severe hearing loss problems to hear sounds better by increasing the volume of the sounds they hear. If you think you or someone you love could benefit from hearing aids, check out Eastside ENT Specialists Inc's Painesville hearing aid store or give us a call if you have a question or would like to set an appointment.

Hearing aids enhance the quality of life for the patients who receive them in more ways than just hearing restoration (as if that's not reason enough). For example, hearing aids help to eliminate the isolation and loneliness that are synonymous with hearing loss. Not being able to hear what other people are saying is frustrating and often leads to social withdrawal and depression. Being able to hear puts you back into the conversation, and helps you live a more fulfilled life.

Why Do People with Hearing Loss Have Social Problems?

People with hearing loss often withdraw themselves from conversations because it takes too much effort to try to listen to what people are saying. Additionally, other people tend to speak less to people with hearing loss problems because it also takes great effort and patience on their end to communicate with someone who is auditorily impaired. People with a hearing loss either have to leave the room or daydream about something else because they can't partake in the conversation. It's a very lonely place to be.

Patients with hearing loss also become paranoid very often. Unlike people who are totally blind or totally deaf, most hearing loss patients still have some hearing. If you're hard of hearing but not completely deaf, it's easy to misconstrue, misunderstand, and be suspicious of what the people around you are saying. Some people become paranoid, some withdraw, and all couples suffer from friction and arguing within the relationship.

People with Hearing Loss Have Troubled Relationships

Hearing loss has a negative effect on couples. Couples with either one or two partners with hearing loss tend to have more tension, arguments, and misunderstandings between them than other couples. This higher frequency in disharmony occurs partly because there is more frustration present in their relationship. For example, continually having to raise one's voice to be heard leads to anger.

Hearing Aids Treat Tinnitus

Another benefit of hearing aids is the masking of tinnitus. Many patients are very bothered by their head noises. Treating the head noise associated with tinnitus is very difficult. By introducing more sound into the ear, the tennitus will be masked out. Who knew that the best treatment for tinnitus is a hearing aid!?

To find one of our locations near you, either visit our website, look us up online, or do a Google search for "hearing aids near me," and select Eastside ENT Specialists Inc.

Hearing Aid Near Me
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Hearing Aid Near Me
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