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ENT Conditions

Eastside ENT Specialists offer a wide range of ENT treatment and care services. From diagnosis to surgery, we cover every area of treatment, providing a comprehensive solution to our patients in Northeast Ohio. If you are experiencing symptoms of any condition of the ear, nose, or throat, set up an appointment with Eastside ENT specialists immediately and have our professional medical staff check your condition. Here is a brief overview of the different ENT conditions we treat here at Eastside ENT Specialists:

Ear and Balance Disorders

Ear and balance disorders can have wide ranging effects. From loss of hearing to difficulty in moving around, ear and balance disorders require early diagnosis and treatment to restore your quality of life. The ear and balance disorders we treat include ear aches, swimmer’s ear, tinnitus, perforated ear drums, and vertigo.

Nose, Sinus and Allergies

Conditions of the nose and sinus as well as allergies can cause significant discomfort and lead to other medical problems. Treating allergies requires specific treatment methods, based on accurate diagnoses of the conditions you are suffering from. We treat sinusitis, sinus headaches, allergies and hay fever, and nosebleeds.

Throat and Voice

Throat and voice disorders can be discomforting, particularly because they hamper your ability to communicate effectively. The problem can be minor or major, and we can diagnose your condition based on the symptoms. Our physicians and surgeons can treat a wide range of throat and voice conditions, including hoarseness and tonsillitis.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Your quality of sleep can be affected severely by snoring and sleep apnea. People suffering from these conditions are unable to enjoy a good quality of sleep and this leads to fatigue even after sleeping for several hours. This affects your daily routine as well due to a lack of energy. Whether you snore or have sleep apnea, we can treat the condition effectively.

Pediatric ENT

Children require different care methods and treatments as compared to adults, though they may suffer from the same conditions. Our pediatric physicians are well versed in Pediatric ENT, from diagnosis to treatment to surgery, providing care in a compassionate manner to ensure children can find relief from their ENT conditions.

Head and Neck

There has been an increase in the incidence of cancers of the head and neck. Early diagnosis and detection is the key to optimal treatment and reducing the risk of complications and relapse. Symptoms that emanate from cancer include pain in the head and neck and visible changes in the skin appearance. Our physicians and surgeons can diagnose and treat cancer, including removing tumors from the head and neck.

Surgery and Treatment

Some conditions of the ear, neck, and throat, require surgery rather than basic treatments. Our physicians and surgeons offer comprehensive care and treatment, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable experience even when going under the knife. You can explore our Surgery page to learn more about what to expect from surgery.

Thyroid and Parathyroid

Thyroid and parathyroid are glands in the lower part of the neck. You need to have these glands check frequently to uncover conditions, such as enlarged glands or hypothyroidism. We specialize in treating thyroid and parathyroid conditions through surgery. We have the experience and expertise to treat any condition related to these glands.

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