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Surgery and Treatment

At Eastside ENT specialists, our experienced board-certified otolaryngologists are dedicated to providing effective and convenient solutions to your ENT (ear, nose and throat) problems. Cutting edge diagnostic procedures help our doctors identify the causes of your head and neck disorders and using their skills and experience they can devise a specialized treatment plan for your particular condition. If you are suffering from ENT disorders and want to get more information about the following treatment and surgery options, do not hesitate to call us at 440-352-1474 and schedule an appointment with a skilled ENT doctor at any of our Ohio locations. Everything from medication therapy to voice rehabilitation is used to offer you much deserved relief from your ENT problem. However, sometimes surgery becomes necessary. Whether you have enlarged tonsils and adenoids blocking your upper airway, or your deviated septum has led to chronic sinusitis, an effective surgical procedure carried out by an experienced otolaryngology surgeon may be your best bet. Certain thyroid disorders may also render head and neck surgery necessary. Serious ENT surgery must be performed by skilled and experienced head and neck surgeons.

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