Custom Hearing Products

Eastside ENT Specialists offers and fits a variety of custom hearing products for your specific needs. From protection to comfort, our products are uniquely crafted for a secure fit. Ask your audiologist about your options for:

When you order custom hearing products from Eastside ENT Specialists, we take you through a fitting process. This involves making an accurate mold of each ear. Our products are then uniquely tailored for you to ensure a personalized, comfortable and secure fit.

In addition, our licensed audiologists will work with you to determine what specifications are needed for each custom hearing product. Material composition and features will be refined to give you the best solution to your ear protection needs. Our products are made from either soft silicone or sturdier acrylic to best suit the environment in which they are used.

Swim Plugs

Our swim plugs protect your ear canal and eardrum from water access while swimming or bathing, even when fully submerged. Made from a soft silicone, our swim plugs are comfortable to wear and ideal for anyone who dislikes the feel of water build-up in their ears.

Swim plugs are also recommended for people who need a certain level of protection from water build-up for medical reasons such as a perforated eardrum. With a fully customized fit, you can now swim or bathe with confidence. In the unlikely event that your swim plugs become dislodged, it is useful to know that that they are fully buoyant and colored to make them easy to find in the water.

Musicians’ Earplugs  

Custom designed for both the amateur and professional, our musicians’ earplugs are finely-tuned to provide the best sound quality while filtering out potentially harmful frequencies that can damage your hearing through prolonged and repeated exposure.

Our musicians’ earplugs are designed to protect your hearing without interfering with the integrity of your music. Rather than offer you a basic device that dampens down all sound equally, you will be working alongside our licensed audiologists so that we can determine which design of earplugs best suit the instrument that you play and the environment in which you play it.

Sleep Molds

Made from soft and comfortable silicone, our sleep molds are ideal for defeating those distracting noises that can disrupt your precious rest. Sleep molds are often thought of as the popular choice for night shift workers, but anyone can benefit from them. If you have difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep because of ambient noise, our sleep molds can help. They are the perfect companion for people staying in overnight accommodation or taking long flights, offering uninterrupted sleep and a fresh start to the day.

Our sleep plugs are the smallest of the custom molds that we offer. This makes them discreet and comfortable to wear. Because they are individually created to follow the unique contours of your ear canal, they are extremely effective at blocking out unwanted sound.

Hunting/Shooting Ear Protection

Hunting and shooting earplugs are designed to block sharp bursts of intense noise through either a passive filtering system or through the latest electronic noise-cancelling circuitry.

Passive filters use a physical filtering system to block out damaging gunfire bursts, whereas electronic noise-filtering uses circuitry components to dampen high intensity sounds. Comfortable to wear, both options allow softer sounds to pass through without being attenuated, meaning that you can be assured of effective hearing protection at all times without losing any of the low level conversations or environmental noises around you.

Other Custom Ear Protection

We are surrounded by noise every day. Any custom hearing protection can be made from a soft silicone material or a sturdier acrylic material to help protect against excessively loud and potentially damaging sound. Ideal for those who may be sensitive to loud sounds, or for those who find themselves in specific environments like concerts, sports games, noisy occupational settings, air travel, or even loud hobbies.

At Eastside ENT Specialists, you will work alongside one of our licensed audiologists to determine the noise risks encountered in your daily work and social life. Our team will then develop a preventative solution to help protect your hearing well into the future.


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