Everything you need to know about Hearing Aid Insurance and Financing

As well as choosing a hearing aid and learning to care for it, it is also important to understand your options when it comes to potential hearing aid coverage and financing.

Hearing Aid and Insurance

Traditionally, insurances, including Medicare, do not pay for hearing aid expenses.  If your insurance does not cover hearing aids then it is typically an out of pocket expense.

For those who would like financing options, Eastside ENT offers financing through the Wells Fargo Health Advantage card. Please ask us or see here for further information. Once you have applied and been approved, just bring your account number with you to your hearing aid fitting and Wells Fargo will provide you with your monthly payments.

Some insurance companies may provide some coverage, separate from 3rd party plans.  If this is the case, then you may be able to apply the benefit towards your hearing aid expense and would be responsible for any difference.  It is always suggested to call your insurance to check if you have any hearing aid coverage/benefits.

Other insurance companies are contracted with a 3rd party payer for hearing aids.  Eastside ENT are credentialed providers for 3rd parties such as Nations Hearing, Hearing Care Solutions, and TruHearing.  Typically a specific insurance plan is contracted with the 3rd party payer who, in turn, gives the patient discounted pricing among other “perks”.  Again, the best way to find out if you qualify for this type of discount hearing program is to call your insurance company.

Hearing Aid Warranties

It is always comforting to know any new hearing aid comes with a Repair/Service and Loss and Damage warranty that can extend up to 3+ years.  This warranty is included in the cost of the hearing aids.

If you would like assistance with any aspect of hearing aid insurance, please contact us at 440.352.1474 and we will be happy to help.

Hearing Aid Financing

We know that undergoing a consultation and financing a hearing aid can be a significant outlay. Here at Eastside ENT Specialists we want to make sure that your hearing loss is addressed as soon as possible to improve your quality of life and protect your hearing from further damage.

As explained above, it is uncommon to have a benefit through your insurance for hearing aid purchase, but every insurance plan is different and it is always worth calling them to find out whether or not you have any benefit and how much it will cover.

Certain plans, typically medicare advantage plans, are contracted with 3rd party payers to provide discount hearing aid program plans that also include other “perks” like free hearing test, free evaluation, free follow up visits etc.  Each 3rd party plan is specific and unique to the insurance plan that it is contracted with, therefore, the best way is to call your insurance to see which hearing aid discount program plan, if any, is available for you.

Eastside ENT works with several different insurance plans, but it is best for you to call your specific insurance company, direct, to check your benefits.

What are your Options

Eastside ENT has worked in conjunction with the Opportunities with Ohioans with Disabilities. Find out if your case may qualify for these services.

If you do not have any relevant insurance cover and your hearing aid expenses are out of pocket, Eastside ENT Specialists offer a financing solution through Wells Fargo that allows you to gain immediate benefit from your new hearing aid while spreading the cost in a way that suits your budget.

If you prefer to make your own arrangements to spread payment, we can advise of other options that may help you. We also accept major credit cards.


We at Eastside ENT are here to help you figure out your financing options. It is important you receive the treatment needed to appropriately address your hearing loss to help prevent isolation in work, social life, and/or new or further cognitive decline.

If you would like to discuss hearing aid financing with us, please call 440.352.1474 and our professional team will point you in the right direction.


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