Painesville hearing aid store

Painesville hearing aid store

If you are suffering from hearing loss, be sure to visit our Painesville hearing aid store to the find the hearing aid that's perfect for you. The best hearing aid for you depends on your hearing loss and the severity of it, your preference for In the Ear or Behind the Ear, and your lifestyle (are you very active or a homebody?).

If you need help selecting a hearing aid, our ENT specialists are here to assist. We can match you with the hearing aid that's perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids (BTE)

At our Painesville hearing aid store, we sell traditional hearing aids. These are much larger in shape and sit behind or the outer year. They have a thicker tube that routes sound down into the ear via an ear mold. Our Behind the Ear units are perfect for people with severe to profound hearing loss. Our traditional BTE units are less expensive the other hearing aid models. With these, you will be able to add more memory options or features, such as a telecoil in the hearing aid. You'll have a more extensive selection of case colors because there is a much larger space. Also, BTEs have much larger controls, making them ideal for people with dexterity issues. Tradition Behind the Ear hearing aids also have much longer battery life than other hearing aids.

Many patients complain about the cosmetics of these bulky hearing aids, especially patients without much hair. These are also inconvenient for physically active people. Traditional BTEs units can be more susceptible to moisture and perspiration damage because they sit outside of the ear. Another thing that users of BTEs often complain about is occlusion. This kind of hearing aid can give you a plugged up feeling as the ear molds plug up 100% of your ear canal.

The RIC Hearing Aid

Although the Receiver in Canal hearing aid (RIC) sits behind the ear, it is much smaller than traditional BTE hearing aids since the speaker and microphone are moved from behind the ear into the ear. People often prefer these hearing aids because they give a less plugged up feeling. Users say RICs are very comfortable due to their lightweight design, the advanced circuitry inside, and size. There is no tubing to collect moisture or wax, and the tube doesn't have to be replaced. Another feature that makes it attractive is that it can change to a stronger power receiver. In many cases, if your hearing loss progresses in its severity, the cost is significantly less to replace the receiver than to purchase a brand new hearing aid.

Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aids are not suitable for moderate to severe low-frequency loss, such as a man's deep voices. The cost of repair is much more expensive for these models, and some RIC models don't have volume control features. Sweat from the outside ear might cause it to malfunction. Further, you could get wax buildup in the tube and will lead to frequent cleaning.

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To learn more about which type of hearing aid might be best for you, contact Eastside ENT Specialists in Ohio.  Check out our Painesville hearing aid store today.  We also have locations in Willoughby and Madison.

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